In Memory of...

Michelle Lobaton left us November 2012


Michelle was a very big part of the Duhard Show Jumping team! She was Vicky's best friend for many years. They were attached at the hip. It was a very big loss for the group. Michelle was the nicest person anyone ever met and everyone who met her loved her almost instantly. She had a huge love for animals and loved Medieval Prince who was and still is considered to be her horse. He gave her the moon and she gave him her heart. Michelle continues to be missed everyday by all who ever got the opportunity to meet and know her. In our <3 Forever!!

Over the years both horses and people will have come and gone. Seen as everyone who leaves us, whether they be on 2 or 4 legs, they've all left with a piece of our hearts. Here's a little bit about all those who have left us too early... This was made with a heavy heart.

Robin Cruckshank left us February 2012


Robin was such a nice woman! She wouldn't hurt a fly and was always there with a lending hand. She had such drive and desire to become the best rider that she could be, come rain or shine she was always ready to ride no matter the weather conditions or how she was feeling. She was so tough and so strong, she was an inspiration to all who got the chance to know her! In our <3 Forever!!

Beamed left us May 2015


Beaumel aka Mel was a very hot blooded Thoroughbred owned by Carly Rabin. Anyone who rode him knew how to hold on because he was taking you around the jumper ring. Mel left us suddenly with a very rare health issue. Mel brought Carly up through the Modified Hunter, the Owners and into the 1.0M and 1.10M Jumpers. He was brave most of the time and often placing which is a hard task to do in those divisions. May he be charging around in heaven! In our <3 Forever!!

All That Glitters left us January 2015


All That Glitters aka Ginger was a Selle Francais cross owned by Isabelle Bernard Robichaud. Ginger was a feisty mare who gave 110% of her heart every time she stepped into the show ring. She qualified a couple of times for The Royal Winter Fair over her showing career. She had a great jump and was a nice mover. Ginger definitely taught you how to always keep one eye open for any chance of miss behaviour. She lived a full, happy and spoiled life! In our <3 Forever!!

Legally Blond left us Fall 2010


Legally Blond aka Chloe was a medium pony owned by Sophie and Lise Proulx with Vicky Duhard as an adoptive mom for a few years. Chloe Was an amazing little pony! She taught so many riders how to ride. She went to JEQ multiple times, won countless red ribbons and loved so many kids. She was such a trooper! She was sweet and kind and full of joy. She had an amazing jump and gave it her all every time. You still had to be careful as from time to time she would get a little frisky and throw a good buck once and a while. May she be chubby and happy up in horsey heaven! In our <3 Forever!!