Medieval Prince

Medieval Prince aka Meddy is a Canadian cross, standing 15'2" hands and is of senior age now but can still act like a youngster from time to time.

​He can do the Hunters and Equitation now as he is retired from the Jumpers. He is an all around horse. Good on trails, honest and fun to ride! Loves beginners and is a great teacher! Meddy has a fun and outgoing personality and when in an affectionate mood will smother you in kisses.

Meddy has competed in the 1.10 meter jumper classes on the A-Circuit and has done all the jumper classes on the regional circuit. He has competed at the JEQ summer 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007, in 2003 he qualified in the Equitation A and the other years was for the jumpers 3', 3'3" and the 3'6".

He might be a little guy but he has a lot of jump to him! He is a guaranteed win on the Regional circuit and does very well on the A-Circuit. Blainville Summer Show 2007 Veronica and Meddy came in 3rd in the mini-prix in the 1.10 meter class. Beaulieus Summer Show 2009 Georgia and Meddy got a 5th in the Speed Derby which was a class of 35 riders of all levels, including professionals!